Galeandra chapadensis

Galeandra chapadensis

Six decorative flowers on one arched terminal inflorescence; leafless pseudobulbs up to 35cm high, up to 4.7cm in diameter; petals and sepals upright, fanned, clear bronze-green; trumpet shaped lip white with exterior purple streaks at joint with lateral sepals, 2 cm spur green, out turned end of trumpet medium purple with deeper purple striations, two interior white crests extend from the base for two thirds of the lengthof the trumpet tube; callus white, anther cap deep purple; substance firm, texture satiny; slightly astringent fragrance; (added 2 buds on an immature side branch)

Dear Peter Poot,

Galeandra chapadensis ‘Lynn Valley Bells’# 20088036 has been confirmed to be Galeandra chapadensis by SITF (Jan 2009) with assistance by Marcos Campacci.

Patricia Harding, chair SITF


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