Gongora-amparoana-2021-01-18***Determined to be Gongora galeata, not G. amparoana (Jan 2021); the petals of this plant are unequally bilobed with a hook-like lobe on one side and a blunt lobe on the other, which is characteristic of G. galeata; the petal lobes of G. amparoana are very broad, almost symmetrical, of equal size and blunt with a broad sinus connecting them; the hypochile side lobes are large, very obvious and blunt in G. amparoana, but are either missing or poorly resolved in G. galeata; in this plant they are hard to see, but are barely resolved, as in G. galeata; this plant also agree with the description of G. galeata in Rudolf Jenny's "Monograph of the Genus Gongora".***

Judging Center: Cincinnati

Award Number: 20202710

Award Date: September 13, 2020

Awarded As: Gongora amparoana


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