Gongora-fulva-2023-03-15 *SITF confirms this plant is Gongora fulva (Mar 2023).

The key characteristics are the strap-like posterior horns that extend out and then sharply turn down and are rounded at the ends, the extra hump just forward of those, the long horns, the pronounced hump just in front of them and the upturned apex of the epichile; supporting matching photos can be found in the OW, orchidroots.com and the IOSPE.

Judging Center: FNCJC

Award Number: 20231058

Award Date: March 04, 2023

Awarded As: Gongora fulva

This was entered into a show as Gongora tricolor. The team awarded it as Gongora fulva.
Several judges in the room did not think this looked correct for that species, so asked for it to be submitted for verification.
Because this happened after the awarding, measurements and description of the plant were not taken.


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