Grammatophyllum-kinabaluense-2022-08-22 *SITF confirmed as Grammatophyllum kinabaluense (Oct 2022); confirmation based on the flower size, keels in the lip, and the heavy, dark markings on the sepals and petals; ID supported by photos, descriptions and drawings in "Molecular Identification Resolves Taxonomic Confusion in the Grammatophyllum speciosum Complex" found in the Bulletin Natl. Museum Natural Science, Ser. B, 39(3), August 22, 2013 and by photos in the SOF and the IOSPE.*

Judging Center: FCJC

Award Number: 20222896

Award Date: May 13, 2022

Awarded As: Grammatophyllum kinabaluense

This award was granted at the Tamiami Orchid Show in May. The entries sheets were apparently lost, so they had no idea who this plant belonged to, but I have located the exhibitor. They also never instructed the photographer to take all the necessary photos, so we may be at the mercy of the exhibitor once the plant blooms again, he did provide the first three flower photos that he had posted on Facebook. This plant was granted a CHM



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