Houlletia lowiana

Houlletia lowiana



Four non-resupinate light yellow flowers and six buds on four erect basal inflorescences; ovoid pseudobulbs to 2 cm wide by 3 cm tall, leaves to 10.5 cm wide by 73 cm long, petioles to 0.7 cm wide by 20 cm long; lip midlobe elongate overlaid orange distally; substance hard; texture matte, lip glossy, plant from Colombia. Provisional





Houlletia lowiana Rchb.f., Gard. Chron., n.s., 2: 484 (1874).

This name is accepted. 




20151891 PNW


lowiana, award 20151891, has been confirmed to be  Houlletia lowiana by SITF (June 2015). 



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