Huntleya sessilifora

Huntleya sessilifora

Huntleya sessiliflora Bateman ex Lindl., Edwards's Bot. Reg. 23: t. 1991 (1837).This name is accepted.

award #20116360 Dorothy Bennett

NS  9.3 w x 8.2 l

DS 2.0 w x 4.6 l

P 2.0 w x 4.5 l

LS 2.3 w x 3.9 l

Lip 1.3 w x 3.1 l

One upright very flat flower; sepals cream basally, distally burnt umber, centrally chartreuse; lip white, distally burnt umber; substance very firm; texture waxy.

Huntleya sessiliflora , award #20116360, has been confirmed to be Huntleya sessiliflora by SITF ( Feb 2010). 


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