Kefersteinia taurina

Kefersteinia taurina

Award # 20093011

6/2/2009 - Pacific Central Judging Center - San Francisco

Kefersteinia taurina 'Vistamont'


CCM 82

Description: One hundred eighty-eight flowers and one bud on 189 pendant inflorescences on a symmetrically rounded plant, 59.5-cm. at widest point, without pseudobulbs; sepals and petals pale green speckled with burgundy; lip translucent white with burgundy spots, margin rising at rear to form horn-like points resembling the head and horns of a bull, tip of lip sharply turned downward, with slight ruffling of edges; substance delicate; texture matte.

Measurements in cm.

NSW 3.4 NSV 4.4

DSW 0.7 DSL 2.8

PW 0.7 PL 2.5

LSW 0.7 LSL 2.9

LipW 1.8 LipL 1.9

Kefersteinia taurina , award 20093011, has been confirmed to be Kefersteinia taurina by SITF ( May 2010). You may now process the award.


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