Lepanthes-cordeliae-2020-01-29***Confirmed as Lepanthes sijmii, not Lepanthes cordeliae (May 2020); the shape of the flower segments and flower size are wrong for L. cordeliae; the morphology better fits L. sijmii; L. cordeliae flowers from the backside of the leaf carrying the entire inflorescence under the leaf; L. sijmii flowers from the front side of the leaf, as does this plant; the description and drawing of L. sijmii can be found in Selbyana, Vol. 23, No.1 (2002), pg. 22 and the description and drawing of L. cordeliae can be found in Lindleyana, Vol. 7-02 (1992), pg. 103.***

Judging Center: Pacific Central

Award Number: 20194767

Award Date: November 13, 2019

Awarded As: Lepanthes cordeliae

20194767 Lepanthes cordeliae `KBCC’ CBR/AOS (may be synonymous with Lepanthes sijmii?)
Twelve flowers and 40 buds on 17 sequentially flowering inflorescences on an 8cm pot; sepals semi-translucent tan-brown with darker venation; petals golden yellow, fuchsia basally; lip white, fuchsia-blotched centrally; substance firm; texture glossy; noted as an attractive plant with distinctly reddish foliage and being very free-flowering; origin: Peru.


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