Lepanthes-setifera-2020-01-13***Determined not to be Lepanthes setifera (Nov 2020), but an unidentified species; ramicauls of his plant have five or six lepanthiform sheaths; L. setifera has 12-15 lepanthiform (tubular, flared) sheaths on the ramicauls and the inflorescence of L. setifera is covered in pronounced bristles, which are not present in this plant; the photos of this plant and flowers are not of sufficient resolution, focus and details to make a positive identification of the species.*** 

Judging Center: Chicago

Award Number: 20202553

Award Date: January 11, 2020

Awarded As: Lepanthes setifera

This came from Juan Felipe Posada at Colomborquideas Ltd. This shows up in Jay Pfhals orchid species #833 under Lepanthes.
Please note the Clonal name should be Orkiddoc not Orkidoc. Thanks for your help.


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