Miltonia-moreliana-Robert-C-CCM/AOS---CHALLENGE-2024-02-11 *SITF has determined that this plant is most likely a hybrid, possibly Miltonia Anne Warne, not Miltonia moreliana (Feb 2024).

The original descriptions of M. spectabilis and M. moreliana (as var. moreliana) state unifloral inflorescences. There are publications and descriptions that indicate occasional two-flowered inflorescences, but never plants that consistently carry two, let alone three flowers. This plant appears to be a classic M. Anne Warne type hybrid. Flowers of M. Anne Warne are almost indistinguishable from M. spectabilis, but two to three flowered inflorescences is the norm for a well-grown M. Anne Warne. This flower's lip has an obtuse raised line in the middle crest of the three central keels, which is "M. clowesii-like", whereas the middle crest in M. moreliana ends in a noticeable knob-like structure. There is an awarded M. Anne Warne with three flowers on every inflorescence and another that had over half three-flowered inflorescences.

Judging Center: National Capitol

Award Number: 20194201

Award Date: December 07, 2019

Awarded As: Miltonia moreliana 'Robert C' CCM/AOS CHALLENGE

Miltonia moreliana ‘Robert C’ CCM 85 CHALLENGE
Unfortunately, there is not a close up. The flower count per inflorescence is impossible for a species that typically has a single flower/inflorescence? Note if there were, for example, five inflorescences with a single flower (guessing from the description), then that would leave 77 flowers on 31 inflorescences, meaning you had 15 inflorescences with three flowers per inflorescence and the rest with two.
From Francisco MIranda: Need a better closeup "but even so it is easy to tell this is a hybrid".



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