Oeceoclades cordylinophylla confirmed to be Oeceoclades perrieri

Oeceoclades cordylinophylla confirmed to be Oeceoclades perrieri

From Ron:

This award has been sitting around for over a year. The exhibitor evidently pickled flowers and sent them, along with images of the plant, to one of the approved botanical authorities on the list at the time. To make a long story short, the samples were evidently destroyed because the authority couldn't identify the plant and CITES prevents sending samples out of the country. The exhibitor has been waiting all this time for an identification and recently started rattling the cage only to find out that it's been dumped. I might be able to get images of the plant and measurements of the plant but needless to say the exhibitor isn't happy.

Award # 20088813 Oeceoclades cordylinophylla

Natural spread 1.3cm horizontal x 1.3 vertical,
Dorsal sepal 0.3cm wide x 0.7 long,
Lateral sepals 0.3cm wide x 0.5cm long, .
petals 0.3cm wide x 0.8cm long,
lip 0.6cm wide x 0.5cm long (I suspect from the picture that these measurements are poor)

Nineteen flowers and fifteen buds on one erect, branched inflorescence, flowers contrast nicely with attractive leaves; leaves linear, stiff, gray-white basally, horizontally blotched muddy green mixed with clear, dark green; sepals and petals light green, heavily suffused brown; lip white, proximal half marked magenta, midlobe forked, side lobes white striped magenta; substance firm; texture matte; recognized for rarity in cultivation; species native to Madagascar.


Oeceoclades cordylinophylla, award # 20088813, has been confirmed to be Oeceoclades perrieri by SITF (march 2010) with assistance of Johan Hermans. You can now process the award.


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