Oncidium-eliae-2021-09-28***SITF Confirmed this plant as Oncidium eliae (Aug 2022);
Previously known as Sigmatostalix eliae, this plant has the retrose side lobes, a trowel-shaped midlobe, and the single nipple-like crest that are characteristics of Oncidium eliae; it is an excellent match to the drawing and description in Dodson & Bennett's "Orchids of Peru (Fascicle 2); the strongly reflexed sepals and petals can be clearly seen in these photos; while this species is noted in the description for its color form, this plant has flowers much weaker in color than usual.***        

Judging Center: CSNJC

Award Number: 20212311

Award Date: September 05, 2021

Awarded As: Oncidium eliae

Oncidium eliae has previous awards (CCM and AM); the judges recognize a unique color form (not awarded nor on IOSPE), and request SITF verification of identification as Oncidium eliae.



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