Phalaenopsis-bellina-Fernbrook-JC/AOS-2021-08-24***SITF has determined after reviewing the challenge (July 2022) that based on the history of the Phalaenopsis bellina-violacea complex and some questionable attributes in color and form of this cultivar, it could possibly be a hybrid, since P. bellina and P. violacea were at one time considered the same species and there is no way to know if this plant is a pure P. bellina due to line breeding with parents that historically might have contained P. violacea which was considered synonymous.***

Judging Center: Chicago

Award Number: 20212604

Award Date: August 14, 2021

Awarded As: Phalaenopsis bellina 'Fernbrook' JC/AOS

This award is being challenged as not consistent with the coloring of Phalaenopsis bellina.
I have asked the exhibitor for the provenance of the plant and any other additional information that they might have to assist us with.
Here is the description from the awards:
Two flowers and two buds on three inflorescences to 4.5 cm on a 25 x 9-cm well-grown plant; flower white, sepals and petals heavily overlaid deep, bright fuchsia; sepals tipped chartreuse, distal ends crimped to points; lip midlobe magenta, side lobes pale yellow; column bright fuchsia, anther cap cream, tipped yellow; substance very heavy; texture crystalline; commended for color saturation and extremely heavy substance; leaves also very thick and corrugated.


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