Phragmipedium-Mini-Grande-Shelley--CHALLENGE-2024-01-20 *SITF has determined this plant to be Phragmipedium Memoria Garren Weaver, not P. Mini-Grande (Jan 2024).

There is no evidence of P. humboldtii in this cross. P. humboldtii is very dominant in producing red coloration in the pouches of its progeny and that is completely absent in the pouch of this flower. With the probable parents of P. warszewiczianum x P. pearcei, this is P. Memoria Garren Weaver (AKA P. Andean Dream). Due to changes in synomomy, P. Memoria Garren Weaver and P. Andean Dream have the same parents; P. Memoria Garren Weaver, registered in 1994, is the older Grex name and should take precedence over P. Andean Dream, registered in 2013. Excellent photos of P. Memoria Garren Weaver which closely match this plant can be found in the orchidroots/Bluenanta.

Judging Center: Northeast

Award Number: 0

Award Date: July 01, 2023

Awarded As: Phragmipedium Mini Grande 'Shelley' CHALLENGE

This plant plainly used what was called Phrag. wallisii (now warszewiczianum) as one parent rather than humboldtii, making it the only awarded Phrag. Andean Dream. NO red coloration on the pouch which dominates in the other three awarded examples of the hybrid, and in other hybrids from humboldtii. The mislabeling likely arose in good faith as for a while in the 1990s humboldtii was sometimes labeled "warscewiczii" per Christensen, and "wallisii" is now warszewiczianum, do the similarity in names could create confusion. I myself have several plants from Ecuagenera that were labeled "humboldtii 'Fortuna'" but are actually warszewiczianum, so it is also possible that the breeder had a plant so labeled that was used to make the cross.

Corrected Award number 20235028 (SITF)



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