Judging Center: Great Plains Judging Center

Award Number: 20223596

Award Date: July 16, 2022

Awarded As: Pleurothallis (Acronia) ensata 'Bryon' CBR

Six flowers and six buds on 12 pale chartreuse fasciles up to 0.5 cm arising through a brown spathe; plant measures 35cm wide x 22cm tall growing in a 10cm square plastic pot with sphagnum moss, longest growth 24cm tall; largest leaf 1.8cm wide x 8.5cm long, dark green, apical, erect, coriaceous, narrowly elliptical, acute, cuneate into the sessile base leaf, ramicauls slender erect green, 0.1cm wide x 16cm long, enveloped by a close tubular sheath below the middle and 2 to 3 others at the base, root tips green; sepals and petals translucent pale yellow; dorsal sepal with three darker veins, elliptical-ovate, narrowly obtuse; lateral sepals fused on proximal four-fifths with four darker yellow veins, connate into an ovate, obtuse lamina; petals with darker yellow margins, slightly porrect, thickly triangular; lip darker yellow, oblong with apex rounded; column pale yellow, 0.1cm wide, anther cap cream-colored; ovary 0.1cm wide x 0.5cm long, pale chartreuse, ribbed longitudinally; substance firm; substance crystalline on sepals and petals, lip waxy; species from Ecuador; ID by SIFT _______________.
Icones Pleurothallidinarum 27, pages 131 & 232.

Plant > Overall length of growth/cane: 24

Plant Leaf > number of leaves per growth or cane: 1

Plant > Leaf Length: 8.5

Plant > Leaf Width: 1.8

Plant > Leaf Margin: smooth

Plant > Leaf Shape: narrowly elliptical

Plant > Pseudobulb/Growth/Ramicaul Length: 16

Plant > Pseudobulb/Growth/Ramicaul Width: 0.1

Plant > Pseudobulb/Growth/Ramicaul Margin: smooth

Plant > Pseudobulb/Growth/Ramicaul distance between growths along rhizome:: tightly clustered

Plant >Pseudobulb/Growth/Ramicaul Root Tip Color: green

Inflorescence > Overall Length: 0.5

Inflorescence > Ovary Length: 0.5

Inflorescence > Ovary Width: 0.1

Inflorescence > Ovary Shape: te


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