Pleurothallis catharinensis confirmed to be Trichosalpinx blaisdellii

Pleurothallis catharinensis confirmed to be Trichosalpinx blaisdellii

Trichosalpinx violacea (Pths catharinensis)

Leaf:length 4.8, w 1.5, shape lanceolate, margin entire

Infl length 3cm

Pedicel length 0.5 lepanthiform, 1cm between bracts.

Award #200998106

Trichosalpinx violacea NOW Pleurothallis catharinensis “Catalji” CCM 82

NS 0.2 x0.6

DS0.2 x 0.5

Pet –

LS 0.25 x 0.3

Lip –

Two hundred fifteen flowers and 41 buds on 43 inflorescences; plants 16cm high by 23 cm wide, growing on a 10cm tall by 6cm wide tree fern plaque; sepals chartreuse, dorsal sepal overlaid salmon distally, lateral sepals overlaid dark salmon; petals translucent chartreuse; lip burgundy; column and anther cap ivory; substance firm; texture crystalline.

Exhibitor Helmuth Fernando Ibanez Leal

4a Ave 3-64

Zona 4, Coban AV


Email: Email:

Trichosalpinx violacea, Award #200998106, has been confirmed to be Trichosalpinx blaisdellii by SITF(June 2010)with assistance of Toscano de Brito and Lynn O'Shaughnessy.


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