Pleurothallis cocornaensis

Pleurothallis cocornaensis***Based on the leaf shape this keys to Stelis erucosa, due to the lack of fused sepals and white hairs this is being listed as (cf.) (June 2019)***

20141871 Stelis cocornaensis Pleurothallis cocornaensis CHM 85

One hundred twenty five flowers
on 34 inflorescences on six flowering growths on robust 40 cm tall by 52 cm
wide plant growing in bark in a 23 cm shallow clay pot; leaves 20-25 cm wide
and long, ovate, markedly convex forming cup over the raceme; flowers cupped,
light green heavily overlaid with brown-black blotches coalescing at hairy
margins; substance firm; texture matte; plant from Colombia; Provisional



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