Pleurothallis sijmii

Pleurothallis sijmii

20145026  Pths (Elongatia) sijmii 'Bryon' AM 84 Pts (Bolivia)

Awarded at the Kansas Orchid Society Show on 11/01/2014

This plant was originally awarded at Pleurothallis (Stelis/Effusiella) scabrata ‘Bryon’ CHM 82 Pts at GPJC on 07/21/2001.  ID by Carlyle Luer MD on 05/11/2000

Dr Luer looked at the specimen again and decided it is Pleurothallis (Elongatia) sijmii on 08/22/2013.

Bryon, your plant identified as scabrata, is a slightly smaller version of sijmii, presently residing in Effusiella.  See Icones 24, p. 109, fig. 21.  If I had identified it as scabrata, I was wrong.

Thank you again for the fine material with which to work.


Pleurothallis sijmii Luer, Monogr. Syst. Bot. Missouri Bot. Gard. 88: 109 (2002).  This name is accepted

Pleurothallis sijmii, award 20145026, has been confirmed to be Pleurothallis sijmii by SITF (Dec 2014). 


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