Podochilus muricatus

Podochilus muricatus

The award reads as follows::

Width in cm. Length in cm.

Natural spread: horiz 0.4 vert 0.3

Dorsal sepal: not measurable

Petal: not measurable

Lateral sepal: 0.2 0.6

Lip: 0.25 0.6


Nine flowers and 13 buds on a28 growth plant 19cm across, 13cm high growth on a 10cm osmunda raft, disticus growths to 13cm, leaves 1.4cm long, 0.9cm across; flowers crystalline white, exterior surfaces hirsute; petals have basal purple spot; lip 4 purple spots, throat deep purple; anther cap brown; substance average, texture crystalline.

Award CBR, award #  is 20105485 and the center is Chicago and the chairman is James Spatzak

Podochilus muricatus (Teijsm. & Binn.) Schltr., Mém. Herb. Boissier 21: 64 (1900).

Syn: Appendicula muricata Teijsm. & Binn., Natuurk. Tijdschr. Ned.-Indië 24: 322 (1862).

From orchids of Java

Podochilus muricatus , award #  is 20105485 , has been confirmed to be Podochilus muricatus  by SITF (Dec 2010).


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