Judging Center: PRJC

Award Number: 20175005

Award Date: August 31, 2017

Awarded As: Polycycnis blancoi



Fifty-six unusual flowers and 41 buds on two up to 44-cm pendulous inflorescences; sepals and petals sepia barred maroon on reverse; sepals long, pinched apically, dorsal reflexed, laterals longitudinally; petals linear, outspread, slightly reflexed; lip trilobed, bright yellow, randomly spotted maroon, heavier on sidelobes, apex of midlobe and central groove, long yellow hairs, centrally lateral lobes near vertically, midlobe trowel-shaped, proximal margins yellow; column gracefully arched, green, apically burgundy, anther cap cream; substance thin, lip firm; texture matte; awarded as Polycycnis blancoi G.Gerlach, Lankesteriana 4: 67 (2004); per WCSPF natural distribution is from Costa Rica to Panamá; first AOS award to the species; tentatively verified at show by Franco Pupulin, pending SITF verification.


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