Prosthechea chimborazoensis

Prosthechea chimborazoensis





Prosthechea chimborazoensis (Schltr.) W.E.Higgins, Phytologia 82: 377 (1997 publ. 1998).This name is accepted.





Nine flowers and one bud on two inflorescences; leaves to 5 cm wide by 29 cm long grown in mossy bark in 26 cm diameter wire basket; flowers ice green sepals and petals proximal half spotted dark maroon; lip radially veined dark maroon; column spotted dark maroon basally, anther cap ivory; substance firm; texture matte; recognized for rarity in cultivation and breeding potential.Provisional




20151899 PNW


Prosthechea chimborazoensis , award

20151899, has been confirmed to be 
Prosthechea chimborazoensis  by

SITF (may 2015). 



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