Restrepia-contorta-Bryon-HCC-77-Pts-2017-12-22***Determined to be lansbergii, due to the size of the sepals (Nov 2018)***

Judging Center: Great Plains

Award Number: 20172696

Award Date: December 16, 2017

Awarded As: Restrepia contorta Bryon HCC 77 Pts

Seven flowers and three buds on ten 4.5cm long inflorescences; dorsal sepal translucent, midrib heavy dark purple stripe, one small dark purple stripe on both sides of midrib, bulbous tip dark purple; lateral sepals fused except for apex, sightly cupped, pale yellow heavily spotted dark purple; petals translucent with 3 dark purple stripes; lip pale yellow heavily spotted dark purple, spots smaller than the synsepal spots, pale yellow sharply point horn/hook on proximal and lateral margin, 0.1cm long, papillose on distal one half; column pale yellow blushed light purple on superior surface; anther cap white; junction of sepals, petals and lip bright yellow with an orange spot on lateral margin; substance firm; texture crystalline; species from Venezuela; ID by SITF _________________.

Flower Natural Spread Length: 3.0

Flower Natural Spread Width: 2.0

Flower > Dorsal Sepal Length: 1.8

Flower > Dorsal Sepal Width: 0.3

Flower > Lateral sepals or synsepal Length: 1.6

Flower > Lateral sepals or synsepal Width: 0.8

Flower > Petals Length: 1.2

Flower > Petals Width: 0.1

Flower > Lip or Pouch Length: 0.9

Flower > Lip or Pouch Width: 0.4

Flower > Anther Cap Color: white


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