Restrepia-escobarina-2021-03-16***Determined to be Restrepia elegans, not Restrepia escobarina (May 2022); this has been a difficult plant to identify; using the key for Restrepia (Systematics of Restrepia in Icones Pleurothallidarum), the plant is right on the cusp of being a small plant (>10 cm) or a large plant (<10 cm) if a small plant, it keyed directly to R. elegans, if both paths are followed to their conclusions and compare the choices, R. elegans has the form and color, is closest to the size, and the correct color pattern with spots forming line patterns; but there is much variability and overlapping with several similar species, including R. chameleon and R. lansbergii. Note: many of the measurements in the Award Form appear to be reversed***

Judging Center: Chicago

Award Number: 20212562

Award Date: March 13, 2021

Awarded As: Restrepia escobarina

Please note you may have this listed as 20212526, but the real number is 20212562. Plant is from Ecuagenera.



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