Robequetia-lyonii-2020-01-29***Confirmed as Robiquetia amesiana, not Robiquetia lyonii (May 2020); The midlobe of the lip (elongate spike) is an excellent match to R. amesiana; that of R. lyonii is much shorter and somewhat blunt; the leaves of R. lyonii are unequally bilobed, and this plant appears to have leaves with acuminate tips and a velvety appearance that matches R. amesiana; there is a very good, matching photo of R. amesiana by Jim Cootes, Dr. D..F. de Vogel and Japp Vermeulen in IOSPE and an excellent photo in Cootes' "Orchids of the Philippines" as Malleola  constricta (Synonym for amesiana).***

Judging Center: Pacific Central

Award Number: 20194756

Award Date: November 13, 2019

Awarded As: Robequetia lyonii

20194756 Robequetia lyonii `KBCC’ CBR/AOS Eighty-three flowers and 341 buds on 17 elegant, pendulous inflorescences; sepals and petals flat, edges wavy, cream yellow, red-brown blotch centrally and basally; lip white, obvious nectar cup highlighted by a fuchsia-banded necklace centrally; column and anther cap cream yellow; substance firm; texture crystalline; Philippine native noted for its rarity.


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