Santanderella amadorinconiana

Santanderella amadorinconiana



5707 CBR


Santanderella amadorinconiana

‘Selva Roja’



flowers on two pendent inflorescences to 3 cm long; unifoliate pseudobulbs with

dried sheathes at base, 1.0 cm longe by 0.5 cm wide; leaves 5 cm x 0.4 cm,

conduplicate, thick, sepals concave, sepals and petals cream-green spotted

maroon in midline; lip slightly narrowed midlength, cream, margins spotted

maroon; column white; substance average; texture translucent; awarded for

educational value; plant from Colombia, provisional





Santanderella amadorinconiana P.Ortiz, Orquideologia 27: 170 (2010 publ. 2011).

This name is accepted.






Santanderella amadorinconiana, award 2014

5707 , has been confirmed to Santanderella

, by SITF (Sept 2014). 


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