Scaphyglottis longicaulis

Scaphyglottis longicaulis



20141906  CCM 87


Scaphyglottis longicaulis




180 flowers and 18 buds on 140 clusters grown on wood log 5 cm wide by 36 cm

long, plant 30 cm diameter; cylindric pseudobulbs to 6 cm long x 0.2 wide, bifoliate,

grass-like, flowers emerging from apex of pseudobulb, white, lip apex purple;

substance light; texture matte; recognized for rarity and educational value; awarded as Scaphyglottis chocoana.











Scaphyglottis longicaulis S.Watson, Proc. Amer. Acad. Arts 23: 286 (1888).


This name is accepted. 


Scaphyglottis longicaulis, award

20141906, has been confirmed to be Scaphyglottis longicaulis by SITF (Sept 2014).


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