Scuticaria hadwenii

Scuticaria hadwenii

Award description:

2 flowers on 2 inflorescences in a 7 x 7cm plastic pot; leaves terete, 0.5 cm wide and up to 48 cm long; sepals and petals yellowish-green with maroon blotches fading apically; lip white with dark pink stripes, light golden contrally; callus light golden, pubescent, three toothed with pink stripes; column white with dense maroon spots basally; substance firm, texture matte. Plant originally from Brazil.

Dear Peter Poot,
Scuticaria hadwenii award # 20088025 has been confirmed to be Scuticaria hadwenii by SITF (Jan 2009) with assistance by Dalton Baptista, Vitorino Castro, and Eric Christenson. Baptista and Castro felt the specimen was consistent with Scuticaria strictifolia, Christenson (referencing his monograph on Scuticaria, Orchid Digest 66(2) 64-69) felt it was S. hadwenii. We felt that the length of the leaves and shape of the lip was more consistent with S. hadwenii, though this specimen seems to have characteristics of both species. According to Christenson, some feel S. strictifolia is a S. hadwenii grown under high light conditions.
Please include the entire previous paragraph with the description you send in with the award.
Please feel free to ask questions of me or Jay or anyone on the Task Force.

Patricia Harding


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