Judging Center: Pacific Northwest

Award Number: 20225488

Award Date: June 05, 2022

Awarded As: Stanhopea avicula

Two flowers in a mirrored arrangement and no buds on one pendulous 10.5-cm inflorescence; Plant 43 cm tall by 53 cm wide grown in moss in a 10 cm plastic pot; leaves spathulate, ribbed, green, to 42 cm in length; flowers bird-shaped; sepals and petals yellow; lip snail-shaped, saccate, hornless, calceolate, beaked, fleshy, proximal two-thirds thickened, waxy, butter yellow marginally, spotted maroon; column pale apple green, spotted maroon; substance flesh, texture waxy; origin lowland central America.

Plant > Overall length of growth/cane: 45.2

Plant Leaf > number of leaves per growth or cane: 1

Plant > Leaf Length: 42

Plant > Leaf Width: 10

Plant > Leaf Margin: smooth

Plant > Leaf Shape: spathulate

Plant > Leaf petiole length (apex of pseudobulb or stem to leaf base proper): 9.3

Plant > Pseudobulb/Growth/Ramicaul Length: 3.2

Plant > Pseudobulb/Growth/Ramicaul Width: 3

Plant >Pseudobulb/Growth/Ramicaul Root Tip Color: green

Inflorescence > Overall Length: 10.5

Inflorescence > Arrangement: bifloral with flowers facing one another

Inflorescence > Distance from base of inflorescence to first bud or branch: 4.5

Inflorescence > distance from inflorescence to base of sepals: 4

Inflorescence > distance from inflorescence to base of sepals: 4

Inflorescence > Floral Bracts Length: 3.5

Inflorescence > Floral Bracts Width: 3

Flower Natural Spread Length: 3.5

Flower Natural Spread Width: 6.2

Flower > Dorsal Sepal Length: 3

Flower > Dorsal Sepal Width: 1.4

Flower > Lateral sepals or synsepal Length: 3.1

Flower > Lateral sepals or synsepal Width: 2.5

Flower > Petals Length: 3.4

Flower > Petals Width: 1.5

Flower > Lip or Pouch Length: 2.5

Flower > Lip or Pouch Width: 1.5

Flower > Lip or Pouch> characters of lip (calli, spurs, keels, etc.): saccate, proximal half shaped like the breast and head of a bird

Flower > Column Length: 2.5

Flower > Column Width: .4

Flower > Column Color: green with purple spots

Flower > Anther Cap Color: cream


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