Stanhopea florida

Stanhopea florida

Stanhopea florida Rchb.f., Gard. Chron., n.s., 12: 615 (1879).

Maui, award 20103350
I think this is correct.  Its close relative S. nigripes differs in being a smaller flower, and the angle of the hypochil in S. florida is only slightly higher than 90 degree whereas nigripes the angle is 90 degrees or less, and the opening of nigripes of the epichile, hypochil column is larger than florida. About the only thing not consistant with this is that usually florida does not have the dark eyes, but that is a usually, and jenny has a picture of one with the dark eye (very likely this plant).  I have a piece of this plant(I think), and it has been confirmed  in the past by Jenny to be S. florida. Patricia

Stanhopea florida  award 20103352 has been confirmed to be Stanhopea florida  by SITF (Dec 2010).


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