Stelis-acaroi-Timothy-Henry-CBR/AOS-2021-07-14 *SITF determined this plant to be Stelis benzingii, not Stelis acaroi (Jan 2023); the plant did not match the description and drawings of S. acaroi; Alex Hirtz, co-author of Stelis acaroi stated the symmetry of the sepals, shape of the lip, petals, and column and central white line in the lip are diagnostic and the awarded plant is not S. acaroi; Rodolfo Solano-Gomez, Instituto Politecnico Nacional: Mexico, is a taxonomist familiar with Stelis responded to our request and found differences between our plant and the description, drawing and available photos of S. acaroi and identified Stelis benzingii, Luer & Hirtz, a species endemic to Ecuador, as the correct species.*

Judging Center: Northeast

Award Number: 20214871

Award Date: June 19, 2021

Awarded As: Stelis acaroi 'Timothy Henry' CBR/AOS

Thirty-one flowers and 36 buds on eight erect, gently arched inflorescences, and two additional immature inflorescences, displayed on a very clean plant measuring 22 cm wide by 23 cm tall grown in bark mix in a 9 cm clay pot; leaves lanceolate, entire, 2.5 cm wide by 11 cm long; sepals yellow chartreuse heavily overlaid deep mahogany basally and centrally, dorsal sepal slightly hooded and recurved along lateral margins; petals mahogany, crescent-shaped; lip dark mahogany, incurved along distal edge; substance medium; texture matte; native to Ecuador

Grower's note: Inflorescences emerge from leaf base. One inflorescence per leaf. Pedicles sheathed basally. Sheaths brown, no markings.

Plant > Overall length of growth/cane: 22.5 cm

Plant Leaf > number of leaves per growth or cane: 1

Plant > Leaf Length: 11.5 cm

Plant > Leaf Width: 3.0 cm

Plant > Leaf Margin: entire

Plant > Leaf Shape: oblanceolate

Plant > Pseudobulb/Growth/Ramicaul Length: 13.5 cm

Plant > Pseudobulb/Growth/Ramicaul Width: 0.3 cm

Plant > Pseudobulb/Growth/Ramicaul Margin: round

Plant > Pseudobulb/Growth/Ramicaul distance between growths along rhizome:: 0.4 cm

Inflorescence > Overall Length: 17 cm

Inflorescence > Arrangement: spike, alternating

Inflorescence > Distance from base of inflorescence to first bud or branch: 4.0 cm

Inflorescence > distance between flowers along inflorescence: 0.5 cm

Inflorescence > distance from inflorescence to base of sepals: 0.1 cm to base of ovary

Inflorescence > distance from inflorescence to base of sepals: 0.1 cm to base of ovary

Inflorescence > Ovary Length: 0.3 cm

Inflorescence > Ovary Width: 0.1

Inflorescence > Ovary Shape: cylinder

Inflorescence > Ovary Color: beige

Inflorescence > Ovary Texture: ribbed

Flower Natural Spread Length: 1.0

Flower Natural Spread Width: 1.0

Flower > Dorsal Sepal Length: 0.4

Flower > Dorsal Sepal Width: 0.3

Flower > Lateral sepals or synsepal Length: 0.4

Flower > Lateral sepals or synsepal Width: 0.3

Flower > Petals Length: 0.05

Flower > Petals Width: 0.1

Flower > Lip or Pouch Length: 0.05

Flower > Lip or Pouch Width: 0.1

Flower > Lip or Pouch> characters of lip (calli, spurs, keels, etc.): Margin of lip appears somewhat ragged in closeup

Flower > Column Length: 0.1 cm

Flower > Column Width: 0.05

Flower > Column Color: yellow-orange


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