Trias disciflora

Trias disciflora

Two interesting flowers and 10 buds on 12 inflorescences borne on a very well-grown plant with 35 globose pseudobulbs almost covering a 9.5 x 11 cm piece of cork ; pseudobulbs 1.3 cm long by 2 cm high, each with 2 lanceolate leaves up to 13 cm long by 2,2 cm wide, connected by a very short (usually less than 0.5 cm) rhizome ; dorsal sepal beige spotted burgundy becoming heavier at base ; lateral sepals beige heavily spotted burgundy, fused at base ; porrect petals beige spotted burgundy at edges ; hinged lip beige solidly overlaid burgundy ; column cream with burgundy lines at base. Substance firm, texture waxy.
 Trias disciflora, award #20097681, has been confirmed to be Trias disciflora by SITF (Dec 2009). You can now process the award. 


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