Trichoglottis-bipunctata-2019-09-16***Determined to be Trichoglottis acutifolia, not T. bipunctata (Nov 2020); the two main characteristics separating the two species are whether the leaf tips are bilobed (T. bipunctata) or acute (T. acutifolia) and whether the sepals and petals have red markings or spots (T. acutifolia) or have no markings (T. bipunctata); on close inspection of this plant, there are several sparse, red markings at the bases of the sepals and petals and the majority of the leaf tips are bilobed; this plant more closely agrees with a sparsely spotted T. acutifolia than T. bipunctata.***

Judging Center: Chicago

Award Number: 20191633

Award Date: September 15, 2019

Awarded As: Trichoglottis bipunctata

There is a fern or two growing on the mount, also.
I'm afraid that I added some photos twice.
Plant was purchased from Clakamas Orchids on 10/3/12.
The IOSPE says that the plant is found inMyanmar, Malaysia, and Thailand.


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