Trisetella scobina determined to be Trisetella regia

Trisetella scobina determined to be Trisetella regia

CHM from Toronto

Trisetella scobina Luer, Phytologia 47: 83 (1980).

This name is accepted.

Twelve flowers, four buds on 19 inflorescences to 21-cm long, borne on a cespitose plant, leaves terete to 0.3-cm by 6.0-cm, grown in a 5.5-cm plastic pot; dorsal sepal yellow, light brown proximally; fused lateral sepals brown-burgundy, veined darker burgundy, separated at apical tip, margins and caudae yellow; petals translucent; lip, hinged, dark purple; column chartreuse; anther cap yellow; substance firm; texture matte.

Trisetella scobina ,
award 20131149, has been determined to be
Trisetella regia by SITF (Jan


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