Vanda-floresensis-2022-01-12***Determined at this time to be Vanda lombokensis (Jun 2022); there are some characteristics of this plant that differ from the typical V. lombokensis; however, Kew WCSPF at the present time does not recognize Vanda floresensis as a valid species; this plant has characteristics similar to the species described by Martin Motes in his book, "Vandas" as V. floresensis, which is very similar morphologically to V. lombokensis; V. floresensis may eventually be elevated to species status, reduced to synonymy to V. lombokensis, or described as a subspecies to V. lombokensis, in which case, this decision may be reconsidered.***

Judging Center: FNCJC

Award Number: 20221254

Award Date: January 07, 2022

Awarded As: Vanda floresensis

The plant was originally sold by BL Orchids as Vanda lombokensis. After it bloomed the vendor suggested tricolor var. purpurea. Martin recently gave a talk and as described in his latest book, he has published this as Vanda floresensis. After seeing this the exhibitor submitted it as floresensis.
When the exhibitor posted this on Facebook, I was contacted by Emrys Chew. I will post his response in a comment.

[Added from the "Findings" section, as noted by Emrys Chew: The V. lombokensis form has broader sepals and petals and darker contrasting spots and comes from Lombok and Sumbawa; the form with narrower sepals and petals that are red-brown with slightly deeper maroon spots is native to Flores and Alor.]


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