Vanda tessellata (1)

Vanda tessellata

This is a Vanda tessellata awarded a CHM and an AM in
Florida-Caribbean. This is the only image we have but the sharp horns
on the lip side lobes are clearly visible in the image. The only
description we have is:

Seven flowers well-arranged on one erect inflorescence; sepals and
petals white, heavily overlaid pink-tan; lip intense fuchsia, light
stripes near base, side lobes spotted fuchsia, distinctly pointed,
extended nearly to end of column, substantiate it as a genuine V.
tessellata Br.ex.Roxb; substance very heavy; texture matte; highly
fragrant; form from Sri Lanka; recognized for color form not previously

Natural spread 5.8cm horizontal x 5.5cm vertical
dorsal sepal 1.9cm wide x 1.7cm long
lateral sepals 2.0cm wide x 2.7cm long
petals 1.7cm wide x 2.5cm long
lip 1.5cm wide x 3.0cm long

Vanda tessellata, award # 20097454, 20097455, has been confirmed to be Vanda tessellata by the SITF, Sept 2009. You can now process the award.

(martin- I finally got the award information from another source-sorry to have bothered you)

Patricia Harding , chair SITF


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