published July 18, 2011

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Supersizing an AOS membership is our ongoing goal

To this end, a $30 coupon good on a $100 purchase from select vendors of orchids and supplies has been a part of a 2 year membership or renewal for quite some time. Later a 5% discount to all AOS members was added by another group of orchid purveyors. While attractive from the beginning, these lists of orchid partners continue to expand. We are privileged to have the support of and work alongside these fine companies and welcome others wishing to come onboard as we continue to find ways to enhance benefits to the partners as well. Your support of our supporters will make this a ‘win-win’ situation for everyone!

AOS Commercial Partners participating in the $30 coupon for 2 year memberships:

Carmela Orchids, Cal-Orchid, Carter & Holmes, Dan & Margie Orchids, Exotic Orchids of Maui, Gold Country Orchids, IGS, June's Orchid Estate, Krull-Smith, Little Brook Orchids, Marsh Hollow Orchids, Mountain View Orchids, New Earth Orchids, Norman's Orchids, OFE International, Orchid Doctor, Orchid Inn Ltd., Piping Rock Orchids, QuestOrchids, RF Orchids, Ravenvision, Roberts Flower Supply, Soroa Orchids, Inc., Sunset Valley Orchids, Tropical Gardens Orchids

AOS Commercial Partners participating in the 5% discount to all AOS members:

Exotic Orchids of Maui, June's Orchid Estate, Krull-Smith, Orchid Doctor, Orchid Inn, Ltd, Seagrove Orchids, Sunset Valley Orchids, Woodstream Orchids

The face of membership in almost all organizations has changed in the last decade. This change resulted from a tsunami-like wave of social and economic factors. AOS is certainly no exception to this situation which is especially challenging for non-profit groups. As membership has declined, we have succeeded in not increasing membership fees while striving to increase the value of membership. During a difficult period, we are trying hard to not just meet the needs of our members but to exceed their expectations.

In addition to the list of long standing benefits of an AOS membership as listed on the JOIN page of this web site, a few of the exciting things now available to our members:

  • The above-mentioned expanding commercial partner offers.
  • ORCHIDS magazine has always been a major benefit of AOS Membership but we have to tell you that it has never been better than it is today – you need to see for yourself! Next month we will be sending members our second ever special supplement! Click the “Magazine Supplement” tab to learn more about this “13th issue”.
  • This amazing web site maturing right before our eyes. So much valuable content for all visitors but doubly enhanced for AOS Members who have privileged access to the Members Only section literally chock full of orchid information and promising to become the best repository of orchid information anywhere.
  • The e-Newsletter produced monthly for Members by Ron McHatton, our Chief Operating Officer, bringing us current information which probably just missed production deadlines for ORCHIDS as well as many reprised treasures from the past. (Note: The Beginner e-Newsletter offered in the lower left corner of this page is also a wonderful resource available to everyone visiting this web site)
  • Direct contact with the Membership Committee at where we guarantee you a speedy reply to your request, question or comment. Similar attention to our membership comes from each of our committees – go to About Us on this page >Committee Contacts and select the one you need to reach. If we don’t have the answers, we will find those who do!
  • You will receive advance information on conservation projects where, if you are interested and so inclined, you will be able to direct fund in any amount you wish to these critical efforts. In these cases, many hands make light work of huge needs…..a few dollars at a time.
  • A committed and caring group of officers and trustees who now stand ready to always listen and act on, where possible, your ideas and concerns.

Whether you are a seasoned orchid grower, the proud owner of one wonderful orchid or perhaps a member from awhile back……..please ‘drive through’ our amazing new web site…..take a look at our improved menu of orchid opportunities and place your order for membership in the American Orchid Society. Try us – you will like being a part of the best orchid information, education, conservation and research resource available anywhere.

Barbara Noe
Chair, AOS Membership Committee