published February 5, 2012

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$50,000 for Orchid Research

The AOS is soliciting our members and the general public for practical/applied orchid research ideas. We are seeking suggestions for research that could be immediately applied by hobbyist and commercial growers alike, to the way we grow and understand our orchids. The ideas will be reviewed, a few chosen, and then requests for proposals will be sent to appropriate universities. The AOS has received a generous donation of $50,0001 that will be used to fund research at the institution(s) submitting the proposals that will best serve orchid growers.

Think of all those "I wish there were a better…" moments you have had when potting, watering or fertilizing your orchids. Or how frustrating it is when an orchid does not bloom as well as it did last year.

So put on your thinking caps…no idea is too "far out."

Send your ideas to or start a conversation on Facebook.

1) Note; submitting an idea to the AOS does not qualify you for any of the research money. Funds will be disbursed only to established research institutions.