Posted on Jan 29, 2020

20194767 Lepanthes cordeliae `KBCC’ CBR/AOS (may be synonymous with Lepanthes sijmii?) Twelve flowers and 40 buds on 17 sequentially flowering inflorescences on an 8cm pot; sepals semi-translucent ...

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Posted on Jan 21, 2020

One flower and fifteen buds on eleven successively-blooming inflorescences to 2.7 cm on a 24-growth plant, 12.0 x 10.0 cm, grown in sphagnum moss in a 7.0-cm plastic pot; raumicauls to 6.0 cm, envelop...

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Posted on Jan 13, 2020

This came from Juan Felipe Posada at Colomborquideas Ltd. This shows up in Jay Pfhals orchid species #833 under Lepanthes. Please note the Clonal name should be Orkiddoc not Orkidoc. Thanks for your...

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