Dendrobium shiraishi

Posted on Sep 5, 2010

Dendrobium shiraishii T.Yukawa & M.Nishida, Lindleyana 7: 127 (1992).This name is accepted. Plant came from H&R; Orchids Hawaii, award #20102732Alan Taylor alant@krok.comPhoto from Roy Tokunag...

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Dendrobium dantaniense

Posted on Jul 20, 2010

Dendrobium dantaniense Guillaumin, Bull. Mus. Natl. Hist. Nat., II, 28: 547 (1957).Dendrobium dantaniense, award #20103907 has been confirmed to be Dendrobium dantaniense by SITF (Sept 2010).

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Dendrobium garrettii

Posted on May 24, 2010

Ron sent this in mid-April. I set it aside, waiting for additional information, and proceeded to forget about it. Ron, do you have any information for this, and possibly a photo that shows the lip? Th...

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Dendrobium sutiknoi

Posted on May 11, 2010 This plant was awarded at WPB judging in April. The award WAS NOT marked as provisional so I did not take diagnostic pho...

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Dendrobium lawesii var. bicolor

Posted on Jan 19, 2010

Dendrobium lawesii var. bicolor, award 20105103, has been confirmed to be Dendrobium lawesii by SITF (Jan 2010). You can now process the award.This award will still be valid as it is another color f...

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Dendrobium parthenium

Posted on Jan 7, 2010

No additional information. This has been waiting for some for a while in hopes that some would appear. If some small amount of information came attached to a mail msg, I cannot find it. Ron, I think ...

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Dendrobium fairchildiae

Posted on Oct 19, 2009

Fifty-five flowers and sixteen buds on thirteen short inflorescences appearing non-existent, on three flowering canes up to 92 cm ; sepals and petals white, pink apically ; lip white , pink apically, ...

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