Acianthera bragae 3

Posted on Mar 6, 2012

Acianthera bragae (Ruschi) F.Barros, Hoehnea 30: 183 (2003).Homotypic Synonyms:* Physosiphon bragae Ruschi, Bol. Mus. Biol. Prof. Mello-Leitão. Sér. Bot. 27: 1 (1970).* Basionym/Replaced SynonymHetero...

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Acianthera bragae #2

Posted on Mar 4, 2010

2/15/2010 - Pacific Central Judging Center - Oakland Acianthera bragae 'Gilbert'* species CHM 82 (prov) Exhibited by Carol Zoltowski The award number of Carol Zoltowski's Pleurothallis sarracenia is ...

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Acianthera bragae

Posted on Jan 30, 2009

I received these images from the Toronto judging center. They are of aplant given a CBR in Montreal and tentatively labeled Acianthera bragae(synonyms Pths. sarracenia and Physosiphon pubescens). Unfo...

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