Posted on Oct 18, 2017

The US Mail lost the awards forms and we are working on getting the awards numbers ETC. The species is very distinctive and new and I wanted to make sure that the photos were uploaded to make sure tha...

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Dendrobium annae

Posted on Mar 4, 2017

           Dendrobium annae J.J.Sm., Orch. Java: 354 (1905). This name is accepted. Award # 20171211  Sacramento    

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Dendrobium flexile

Posted on Sep 28, 2016

20165135 Dendrobium flexile 'Miss Priss' CBR (Thailand/Borneo/Malaya/Sumatra) Great Plains Judging Center 09/17/2016 Susan Tompkins   Plant purchased off eBay from a vendor in Hawaii    ...

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