Restrepia guttulata

Posted on Oct 30, 2013

 Restrepia guttulata Lindl. is an accepted nameSynonyms:NameStatusConfi­dence levelSourceRestrepia maculata subsp. robledorum (Braas & Braem) H.MohrSynonymWCSPRestrepia robledorum Braas & Brae...

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Restrepia aristulifera

Posted on Jun 28, 2012

Restrepia aristulifera Garay & Dunst., Venez. Orchids Ill. 5: 258 (1972).This name is accepted. award 20092744, CincinnatiRestrepia aristulifera , award 20092744, has been confirmedto be Restrepia...

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Restrepia portillae

Posted on Nov 24, 2009

Ten flowers and one bud arising from the base of 11 5.5cm leaves on a 15cm tall, 22 growth plant; Sepals and petals translucent green, overlayed with burgundy striations; synsepal and tip gold, heavil...

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