Orchid Ailments


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Orchid Ailments -- The AOS’s Pests-and-Disease Series

Orchids magazine's popular Orchid Ailments series provided readers with information and images to help them identify orchid ailments and grow healthier plants. From Aphids to Virus, the series explored the finer points of insect pests, rots, disease and cultural challenges, to name a few, and offered advice on prevention and treatment for the problems. Use the lisf of articles at left to learn about specific orchid problems.

Note: The opinions and recommendations that may appear in this publication regarding the selection and use of specific plant-care products, including but not limited to pesticides, fungicides and herbicides, are those of the individual authors, and not those of the American Orchid Society, which neither adopts nor endorses such opinions and recommendations and disclaims all responsibility for them. When selecting and using such products, readers should seek and obtain the advice of the manufacturer and of responsible government agencies.

If you grow a few orchids, for any length of time, you will eventually face a care problem caused by an orchid pest or disease. Knowing how to diagnose and treat orchid ailments is key to becoming a good orchid grower.