Bulbophyllum-sterile-2024-04-09 *SITF confirms that this plant is Bulbophyllum sterile (Apr 2024).

The petals of B. sterile are broadly triangular, as are these and the trilobed lip has the cleft middle lobe and two acute lobes that are visible in this flower. The pseudobulbs on this plant match the description in the "Flowers of India" website as conical-ovoid, faintly four-angled; there is also a photo matching this plant in the "Flowers of India" and matching photos of B. sterile in the "eFlora of India" website. This flower closely matches the photo of B. sterile (as B. neilgherrense) in the IOSPE and Seidenfaden & Smitinand's 1959, "The Orchids of Thailand" stated that B. sterile can be distinguished by its distinctive membraneous bracts, reddish-brown stripes in the sepals, acute triangular lateral sepals, acute and short vertical horns on the column and the lip with basal auricles.

Posted on Apr 9, 2024

Plant is from Wind Hill Gardens and was labeled as Bulbophyllum nilgherrense which is a synonym of Bulb. sterile.

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Posted on Apr 1, 2024

A judge present at the judging requested SITF verification of this plant after it was awarded. Exhibitor purchased the plant from the Krull-Smith sales booth at the Asheville Orchid Festival in Ashev...

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Posted on Mar 31, 2024

This SITF submission also applies to Award # 20243382. Origin unknown Actual plant in flower,Orchid Pro - one previous award 20000518 with modest description and no photo. Plants of the World onlin...

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