Orchid Care & Culture Sheets

Looking for information on how to care for your orchid? Below you will find links to several of the more common orchid genera. These popular documents have been at the foundation of AOS orchid education for decades and provide orchid care and culture information in a convenient, concise format. Where available, additional resources have been added at the bottom of the page.

Each page can be printed on a letter-sized sheet of paper. Print them all and make your own basic culture booklet. These can also be printed as handouts at local society meetings or as point-of-purchase giveaways at commercial firms, orchid shows, etc. AOS copyright and contact information may not be removed or modified. Alternatively, you can print the QR Codes page to provide easy linking via a smartphone camera or QR code scanner app.

For information on other specific genera be sure to visit Explore Orchids and Their Care (A-Z).

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