About Us

About Us

The American Orchid Society has promoted the appreciation of orchids through up-to-date educational information while sponsoring research and conservation efforts to safeguard orchid habitats and resources for over 100 years.
Learn more about the AOS below, and consider joining our family of close to 10,000 members worldwide!

AOS Publications

American Orchid Society publications are loved by orchid enhusiasts worldwide and contribute toward one of the core pillars of our mission. We are delighted to bring the fascinating and beautiful world of orchids to so many people through these spectacular books and magazines.

Orchids Magazine

Orchids magazine is our award-winning orchid publication that's been in print since 1932. Annual gold members receive the printed magazine each month, and ALL members have access to the digital archive where issues can be viewed online instantly.

Orchids Magazine
Annual Supplement
The highly anticipated annual supplement is an extra issue of Orchids magazine focused on a popular orchid topic, genus, or family of orchids selected by our members.
Lindleyana magazine was the scientific journal of the American Orchid Society published between 1986 and 2002. It has been revived and merged into the current Orchid magazine publication.
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Discover unique and treasured orchid books. We've sold out of our entire inventory multiple times for some of these books, and can't republish in some cases. So we recommend securing those you are interested in.

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Volunteering & Governance


The American Orchid Society is honored to have the support of so many volunteers who make valuable contributions year after year.
Learn about our many committees and the people who make the magic happen.

Medal and Award Recipients

Medal and Award Recipients

Witness the shining stars of the orchid world on the American Orchid Society's Medal and Award Recipients page! This diverse collection of enthusiasts, researchers, and volunteers have made exceptional contributions to orchid culture, scientific discovery, community service, education, and beyond.


The AOS cultivates passion and stewardship throughout the world of orchids. As a global champion for Orchidaceae, we promote the success and inspiration of the diverse enthusiastic orchid community..

Promoting enthusiasm for orchids through:
*    World-class publications
*    Educational outreach
*    A rigorous judging program

Preserving orchid heritage and ensuring their vibrant future by:
*   Encouraging and supporting worldwide conservation and meaningful research
*   Maintaining and advocating for the importance of historical records through a database and photographic archives

Providing a global network and forum for information on:
*   Cultivation and breeding of orchids
*   Accessible resources for ensuring members’ progress and positive experiences in growing and exhibition
*   Enriching and cultivating a world where orchids continue to be beloved and shared

More About the American Orchid Society

Discover the rich 100-year legacy of the American Orchid Society and our unwavering mission to expand and share our knowledge while protecting orchids and their habitats for generations to come.