How to Become an AOS Judge

What’s so great about being an American Orchid Society Judge?

  • Judges are a welcoming group, always learning, and enthusiastic to share
  • You will begin your judge training education when you are accepted as a Student Judge
  • The AOS judging system provides access to lifelong continuing orchid education
  • AOS Judges are acknowledged by orchid organizations throughout the U.S. & Canada and around the world
  • In as few as three years students can be promoted to certified status and have their scores count.

What will you learn as a judge?

  • Recognize orchid genera, species and hybrids
  • Acquire knowledge of hybridization and breeding trends
  • Gain knowledge in preferred traits in different types of orchids
  • Build lifelong friendships in both the judging community and in orchid societies across your region by becoming more involved in their regular activities and events
  • Be presented with opportunities to judge outside of your home region

What are the requirements for being an AOS Judge?

  • Have a commitment to orchids and orchidology
  • Be eager to expand knowledge
  • Be able to make independent judgements
  • Maintain a high standard of personal integrity and ethics
  • Maintain continuous membership in the AOS
  • Be able to meet the requirements of time, language skills, ability to travel, and participation in training education and judging activities
  • The total program outline can be found on the AOS website at under Orchid Awards and Judging tab in the Handbook on Judging, pages 15-17
  • Complete an application and submit to the judging chair of the center of your choice
  • Have an interview
  • Pass a color perception screening test
  • Local judging center rules may apply.

Application for new students

Summary of the program

Once you have submitted an application to be a judge, please join our Facebook group for judges. If you have not yet officially entered the program, please be sure to speak with your regional Judging Center Chair to be asked to join our group, American Orchid Society Judges.

We use this forum to discuss events and education for judges. As a member you will be able to join on commentary and ask questions about judging and the judging program.