Dr. Ron McHatton

Ask the Orchid Doctor

Join Dr. Ron McHatton, the American Orchid Society's Chief Education and Science Officer, for our engaging "Ask the Orchid Doctor" webinars where he answers all manner of interesting questions about growing and caring for orchids.

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"Ask the Orchid Doctor" Webinars

Ask the Orchid Doctor

Meet Dr. Ron McHatton, the esteemed Chief Education and Science Officer of the American Orchid Society (AOS) and the Editor of Orchids magazine. Dr. McHatton is our resident orchid doctor, and each month, he brings his extensive knowledge and infectious enthusiasm for orchids directly to you.

Expertise at Your Fingertips

He answers your burning questions and guides you through the joys and challenges of orchid care. Whether you're battling a stubborn pest, puzzled over watering schedules, or seeking to coax your orchid into blooming again, "Ask the Orchid Doctor" is your go-to resource for reliable, expert advice.

Interactive and Inclusive

These live webinars, previously known as "Greenhouse Chats," transcend the boundaries of traditional greenhouse discussions, delving into all aspects of growing and caring for orchids. The best part? Attendance is open to everyone — novice growers, seasoned collectors, and curious minds alike. 

Tailored to Your Curiosity

In preparation for each session, Dr. McHatton reviews member-submitted questions and photos, ensuring the webinar is packed with relevant, engaging, and visually rich content. This personalized approach means that every webinar is unique, shaped by the interests and challenges of orchid enthusiasts like you.

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

Did you miss a live session? No problem. Each webinar is recorded and made available to the public, complete with an index of topics and timestamps, so you can easily find answers to specific questions or revisit your favorite segments.

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See Upcoming and Pre-Recorded "Ask the Orchid Doctor" Webinars