Monthly Issues

Orchids magazine delights its readers with monthly issues filled with invaluable insights into orchid care, species profiles, conservation updates, and the latest developments in the orchid world. Each edition educates and inspires, from the novice grower to the seasoned expert, featuring contributions from renowned orchid specialists and breathtaking imagery that showcases the beauty and diversity of orchids.

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Annual Supplement

In addition to the regular monthly issues, subscribers receive a special 13th bonus issue each year. This annual supplement dives deep into a specific orchid family or topic. It's a comprehensive exploration that adds even more value to the magazine, providing a detailed look at subjects that capture the broad interests and passions of the orchid community.

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Digital Archive

Orchids magazine boasts a vast digital archive, offering access to the latest issues and stretching back to the very first issue from 1932. This invaluable resource allows members to explore decades of orchid literature, photographs, and knowledge, serving as a treasure trove for research, inspiration, and education.

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Orchid Awards

Each issue of Orchids magazine includes an impressive 16-page section dedicated to the latest orchid awards. This feature showcases photos of each awarded orchid, recognizing growers and breeders while offering readers a visual feast and information about the winning exhibits.

Lindleyana Column

Named after the famous orchidologist John Lindley, the Lindleyana column is a highlight for those intrigued by the science behind these exotic plants. It covers groundbreaking research, taxonomy, and other scientific aspects of orchids, making complex topics accessible and engaging for readers interested in the deeper botanical aspects of their favorite plants.

Global Readership

With over 10,000 readers across the globe, Orchids magazine has established itself as a leading publication in the orchid community. Its wide-reaching impact spreads the joy and knowledge of orchid cultivation and fosters a global community of orchid enthusiasts.

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