Species Identification Task Force (SITF)

AOS Identification verifications are required through the Species Identification Task Force (SITF) for all CBR, CHM, or quality or cultural awards to taxa that have never been recorded by the AOS judging system.

The task force consists of a small group of dedicated volunteers and staff, under the supervision of the Judging Committee, with access to significant reference materials and taxonomic keys. Under most circumstances, a determination can be made using documented references but the SITF also relies on input from respected taxonomic authorities world wide including, but not limited to, Central and South American experts Eric Hágsater, Franco Pupulin and coworkers, Adam Karremans, Mario Blanco, German Carnivali and Francisco Miranda; Henrik Pederson, an expert in European terrestrials and the flora of Thailand, Jim Cootes from the Philippines, J.J. Vermulen specializing in Bulbophyllinae and the orchids of the Malaya Archipelago, Peter Adams and Phil Spence, Johan Hermans, Phil Cribb, Henry Oakeley and Mark Chase.

Should you have any comments or questions about submissions, please send them to awardid@aos.org

SITF Award Upload

All CBR and CHM awards must have an SITF submission. The submission form must be completely filled out along with photos that comply with SITF photo submission guidelines. Once the form is submitted the submitter can expect to receive email notifications informing them of next steps until a finding has been made.